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Frequently Asked Questions

What all of this means?
We are two creative persons and this is one of Our projects - Certified Ancient Roman Figure Pictures. Now We want to share it with everybody who is interested. The collection consists of 999 unique handmade certified roman figure pictures.

What is the pricing policy?
Each picture costs 999 US Dollars that includes shipping.

How much the shipping costs?
Shipping fees are already included into the price of the picture. The whole package will cost You 999 US Dollars

Is each picture really unique?
Yes it is. We guarantee that each picture will only be painted once in any case. Package includes a certificate for each picture, unique security number and Our signs.

How long does the shipping take?
3-4 weeks just after the successfull payment. As We noticed before each figure is a handmade, qualitative, unique and certified picture.

Who are You?
We are two creative persons who like unusual art ideas. Now We are trying to mix digital and hand art. We are here to see the result.

May I change the design and/or colors?
Absolutely not! These pictures has defined design that can not be changed in any way.

Is it really legal to sell numbers/figures?
No idea.. But please notice that We are NOT selling numbers or figures! We are selling unique designed pictures with figures.

Is it possible to order any picture that is marked as "SOLD"?
No, it's not possible. Each picture of the collection is unique and made only once.

How can I order a picture for my friend?
In the order page fill in Your friend's name for certificate. And fill in Your e-mail and shipping details. As a result You will recieve the package and it will be signed for Your friend.

How can I contact You?
Feel free to write Us an e-mail to info@999pictures.com

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